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PTZ Optics PTZ Joystcik Controller G3 Visca IP

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Completely re-designed once again, with over three years of customer feedback and optimized functionality. Our new PTZ joystick controller is now better than ever.

Take control of your PTZ cameras with this low-latency IP connected joystick. This IP joystick controller now includes advanced PTZ speed controls, access to the on-screen display menu, focus lock and much more. Watch our short setup video to see how easy it is to use PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to power this joystick and connect it to your network. Once connected, you can remotely control multiple PTZ cameras using a single ethernet network connection to the PTZ joystick controller.

Reset or assign IP PTZ Optics Camera's

Achtereenvolgens de volgende toetsen op de afstandsbediening indrukken

Reset van de cameras ip instellingen AB. Die worden dan static ip ipv dhcp en krijgen altijd Let op dat je dan snel dubbele krijgt en dat werkt niet.

  • [*] + [#] + [MANUAL]: Resets IP information

die drie toetsen richting de webcam achter elkaar indrukken reset het ip

Deze toetsencombinatie achtereenvolgens zet de camera waar je op richt op het betreffende ip adres

  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [1]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [2]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [3]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [4]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [5]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [6]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [7]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [8]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [9]: Set IP to
  • [#] + [*] + [#] + [0]: Set IP to

je moet eerst de bovenste reset code doen als de cameras niet op static maar op dhcp staan je kunt het ook zonder reset proberen maar als dat niet werkt staat de camera dus op dhcp.

Low-Latency PTZ Joystick

This joystick is now driven by the VISCA Over IP Procotol and therefore has eliminated the latency involved with older joystick controllers.

Once your camera is connected to your LAN (Local Area Network) this PTZ joystick can be set up to control it. With the ability to quickly access up to 6 cameras with a single button press and over 100 camera with a simple process, you can control an advanced production or an entire building full of PTZOptics cameras. This IP joystick controller is ideal for audiovisual and IT professionals who need to remotely manage multiple PTZ cameras on their network.

You asked and we listened. This joystick is ready for any professional video application with six camera switching hotkeys and access to even the finest camera detail settings over IP.

Camera Operators Enjoy

The camera control experience with a joystick is ideal for volunteers and those new to PTZ camera operation. Providing novice users with a pre-configured PTZ joystick controller is perhaps the best way to get new producers up and running. The simple button layout is intuitive and ideal for teaching the concepts of remote camera operation in your broadcast club or on the field. Extend the power of your existing network using IP connectivity to remotely control your PTZOptics cameras.

PTZ Optics PTZ Joystcik Controller G3 Visca IP

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