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Vocas MB-210 4x4

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The MB-210 features a Quick-Lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel.

If required, this mattebox can also be attached to the camera with a 15mm lightweight support.

This mattebox accommodates a 3x3" through a 4x6" filter and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

The MB-210 has one rotatable 4"X4" filter tray and place for one fixed 4"X4" filter in the front end of the hood.

The MB-210 is wide enough to work on most cameras with wide angle converter without fignetting.

Although the MB-210 can be used as a clip-on mattebox, we recommend the use of a barsadapter and a 15mm mattebox support.

This mattebox comes standard with:

1pc. 4"x4" filter frame.

Vocas MB-210 4x4

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