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CamGear Bi310 Cameralamp

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De Camgear Bi310 is een BiColor On-Camera LED Light met 312 Leds welke een levensduur hebben van circa 50.000 uur!



Bicolor 5600K and 3200K Camera LED light with 312pcs last generation LEDS. Almost 200W of conventional Tungstenn lighting.

Switch between 3200K and 5600K or in between for desirable lighting.

Rectangular design, compact, light-weighted and convenient to carry, suitable for various branded digital camcorders and cameras.

Dimming from 10%-100% and flicker-free. It is heat free and remains consistent.

It is ideal for videography, indoor and outdoor photography, portrait photography and the wedding ceremony, specially good for baby and children photography.

It uses 2 lithium Sony type battery of 7.4V, 2200mAh, which can last for 120 min. It runs on DC12V and AC110V-240V.

Comes with two 2200mAh/7.4V Sony type F570 battery, diffuser filter, two-battey simultaneous charger, camera mount and a carrying bag.

Including hotshoe for mounting on camera