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{[]} Odyssey 7Q+

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Compatible with Select Samsung SSDs


The Odyssey7Q+ from Convergent Design is an integrated monitor/recorder, featuring HD/2K/UHD/4K recording via SDI and HDMI, along with RAW, uncompressed DPX and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). It replaces the Odyssey7Q, expanding on the 7Q's capabilities, while maintaining its functionality and performance.

A professional 7.7" OLED 1280x800 8-bit monitor with 4100:1 contrast and true blacks, the Odyssey7Q+ features comprehensive and professional monitoring tools, including Waveform, RGB Parade, Focus Assist, False Color, Zebras, 1:1 Pixel, Vectorscope, Histogram and LUT support.

Recording options must be purchased or rented by the user from the Convergent Design website and will be available 24/7. Compressed recording options will be included as standard.

For more information visit the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ product page.


HD/2K/UHD/4K recording

4K/UHD capture over HDMI or SDI

SDI Single/Dual/Quad Link

RAW to Apple ProRes Conversion (requires raw recording option sold sep.)

4K/UHD -> 2K/HD conversion

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Intuitive touchscreen interface