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LanParte VMS-01 PXW-FS7 Baseplate and Shoulder Pad

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Uit te breiden met de 2X AR-300 Rod


The LanParte VMS-01 Baseplate and Shoulder Pad that will increase comfort while shooting with Sony's PXW-FS7 cinema camera.


• V-Lock system provides rock-solid connection to tripod with Sony VCT Quick-Release plate.

• Easy and quick change between studio and handheld configurations.

• Adjustable shoulder pad (forwards and backwards adjustment)

• New padding material provides more comfort and a better fit when shoulder mounted.

• Centred shoulder pad position helps balance the entire rig.

The LanParte VMS-01 Baseplate and Shoulder Pad is LPT's latest answer to not only DSLR's but to larger HDV camera users. This high precision CNC machined baseplate/shoulder pad includes two separate hight adjustable rod clamps making it adaptable to smaller or larger cameras or lenses. It's industry standard two point quick-release plate locking mechanism assures that the camera is properly secure but can be easily mounted/dismounted when necessary. Its hollow-out design allows it to be used for a longer period of time and easy to transport but still durable and reliable.